Pi SDR Options


  • Pi SDR LPT, for connecting to a Flex SDR1000 control port or controlling other external DIY devices. The add-on has an embedded CPU to control the pins/signals of a DB25 connector. Connection to Pi SDR IQ/IQ Plus is via USB. Pi SDR LPT is a Atmega32u4 CPU, on a PCB with a DB25 Male connector, surrounded with a shrink-wrapped plastic. Pi SDR LPT, is designed to work specifically for SDR1000 only together with Pi SDR IQ / IQ Plus.



  • Pi SDR IQ Enclosure, 9cm X 6cm X 3cm, 3D printed, suited to fit the Pi SDR IQ/IQ Plus.




  • Pi SDR IQ 8GB SD firmware card. When ordered it comes pre-loaded with Pi SDR IQ/IQ Plus firmware.




  • Power Cable. Comes bundled with each Pi SDR IQ/IQ Plus.