Pi SDR IQ Plus for Flex SDR1000


Pi SDR IQ Plus   +   Pi SDR LPT   +   Flex SDR1000   

In this SDR1000 solution, Pi SDR IQ Plus can be used with Flex SDR1000 radios on modern Win/10 PC systems. This is possible with the use of a Pi SDR LPT adapter in order to connect on the SDR1000 LPT rig control port. Using this add-on, SDR1000 rigs got revitalized and now can be used in a transparent way with all the modern PCs with Windows 7/8/10 and the familiar PowerSDR application. With this configuration, SDR1000 users can utilize the modern Win/10 systems that do lack the older LPT port.

Thus Pi SDR IQ Plus can be used for ADC/DAC DSP as the older audio cards were used and also now can control the SDR1000 rig via the LPT connection, total solution in a single package!

Pi SDR IQ is the high end solution with AK5394A ADC giving 124dB of Rx dynamic range to your rig. Alternative, there is the cost effective Pi SDR IQ Solo with 105dB ADC dynamic range.

Operation is done by the PowerSDR application (based on v2.5.3) having extensions to utilize the new I/Q interfaces. Its operation is transparent, just make the cable connections, start the application and you're up and running.

SDR1000 rig should have all ECOs applied and the RFE SDR1000 board is required to be present for operation.


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