Pi SDR IQ Plus Standalone Digimode Linux Workstation


Use a Pi SDR IQ Plus with your homebrew rig, add to it a HDMI monitor, mouse and keyboard and you will get:

Pi SDR IQ Plus     +       MonitorKeybMouse  =


Standalone Digimodes, FT8 operation with Quisk and WSJT-X, Pi SDR Linux desktop firmware


Ssupported rigs:

Softrock/Ensemble compatibles



In this Standalone digimodes solution, Pi SDR IQ Plus can be used with either Softrock/Ensemble compatible or RS-HFIQ radios. Using only the Pi SDR IQ Plus without any other PC, it is possible to have a fully working digimodes standalone workstation. User only need to add a HDMI mointor, keyboard, mouse and you are up and running.

A dedicated firmware that resides on a microSD is given for this setup, it contains preinstalled and working WSJT-X, FLDigi and Quisk, user all that has to do is to select what radio is using by executing desktop provided scripts, these scripts perform automatically the configuration required.

Virtual audio cables/streams are preinstalled and already setup in between the WSJT-X, FLDigi applications and Quisk.

System firmware is strictly based on Debian 8 "jessie", Linux kernel 3.4.113.


Initial Desktop



Standalone phone operation with Quisk

This Standalone configuration is mainly for Digimodes operation. The provided Quisk setup though has a dual configuration installed, one for digimodes named "PiSDR Digi" as the default one and one for phone operation named "PiSDR", user can select ad-hoc each one that wishes to operate exclusively. Needs to be mentioned though that when user wants to operate phones, a third-party provided USB mic is required that should be connected to one of Pi SDR IQ Plus USB ports, since the on-board mic jack cannot be used in this configuration.


Initial Desktop


The required dedicated Pi SDR IQ Plus firmware for flashing to microSD and a user guide reside in the Downloads page.

In this solution, if a user wants to adopt it, there are ready-made working setups already included in the above mentioned firmware image as configuration examples, also users need to have appropriate knowledge of Linux, Quisk, WSJT-X and FLDigi so to perform all the required setup and configurations, as this solution is relying on opensource third-party applications whereas support for each of them should be retrieved from their relevant authors.

Thus this solution is given as a courtesy on a 'as-is' basis with ready-made configurations existing on the provided firmware image and a user guide. Any further support should be seeked from the third-party opensource user forums.

 Pi SDR IQ Plus is the high end solution with AK5394A ADC giving 124dB of Rx dynamic range to your rig. Alternative, there is the cost effective Pi SDR IQ Solo with 105dB ADC dynamic range.

Reviews in eham can be seen here http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/13675